Hello, I’m Abe Schwarz.

I am available to consult for project management, philanthropic fundraising, strategic planning & public speaking.

I specialise in interfaith, indigenous and social justice issues and grassroots solutions.


Abe has worked for many years in the Youth and Community Development sectors for both Jewish and mainstream organisations in Australia – and 4 intriguing years of Interfaith Dialogue and Tour-Guiding in Jerusalem, whilst studying Rabbinic and Torah Jewish sources – and raising a young family.

Outside of family, he devotes extensive time to promoting cultural diversity, Jewish education, Aboriginal reconciliation and Interfaith Harmony – formally as Honorary Secretary of C.O.M.M.O.N. – the Centre Of Melbourne Multifaith & Others Network.

Catalyst frequently gets invited to address public meetings and conferences on interfaith and indigenous themes.

Additionally, Abe presents to schools
through the Jewish Christian Muslim Association (JCMA), writes and broadcasts on related topics including for Gesher, the Journal of the Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ).

Known for his interest and energy with Aboriginal and Interfaith communities – and for bringing the story of Uncle Boydie’s Dream to Queen Elizabeth II, the Governor-General and the German Government.

Expert opinions on the life of William Cooper

Uncle Boydie from Aron Lewin on Vimeo.

William Cooper's petition to the King and Uncle Boydie's Dream

Catalyst provides services for your business, school or organisation

Public Speaking

Catalyst is frequently invited to supply speakers (e.g. a panel of faith representatives) for professional development seminars, cultural awareness training and international conferences.

Public Speaking

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Conception, Development and Editing of articles and speechwriting. The major focus is on indigenous and interfaith themes.


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Student Education

Catalyst presents 30-60 minute intensive and interactive school events to educate students about interfaith dialogue including through the Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia (JCMA).

Student Education

We explain the rituals for each faith and have a question and answer session at the end.

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Media Interviews

In the current politically-charged environment around social issues, particularly with interfaith relations at the moment, Catalyst is available to comment on TV, Radio, News media and Online.

Media Interviews

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Abe’s Tikun Olam Hour

Sundays at 9pm AEST

Abe hosts a weekly social justice radio show which can be heard around the world on Sundays at 9pm on the Melbourne Jewish Community Radio Station J-Air 87.8FM

Is it possible to persuade the future King of England to meet with an ageing Aboriginal man? Could an ancient petition, overdue by a matter of 80 years, at last be received by the Monarch? These sound like fairy tale longings, but I bear witness to the fact that they happened. By the hand of Providence, by forces of history and, no doubt, the the utter persistence of an unusual Jewish community leader from Melbourne, called Avraham Schwarz. There are few people on this planet who are better at pursuing a dream, at connecting far flung influencers or at bringing together a disparate team than this man, and I’m ever so glad I know him.

Matthew B Andrews
Creative Director / BANJO Advertising

Abe's Instagram Feed

Here are some photos from recent talks and events

Catalyst has been fortunate enough to rub shoulders with people in positions of some influence.



Abe on Channel 31’s “The Shtick”

I look forward to chatting with you so please send me a message.

You can also email me directly info@catalyst.melbourne

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