Petition for Buckingham Palace

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Courtesy of J-Wire is a report on the petition by the grandson of William Cooper:

The grandson of William Cooper, the aboriginal who led the only known private protest against Kristallnacht in 1938 is campaigning to send his grandfather’s petition to the Queen.

Uncle Boydie signs the petition photo: Sylvia Deutch


Alf Turner (Uncle Boydie) bas launched the initiative to send Queen Elizabeth the petition originally intended for her grandfather, King George V. In 1938 the Cabinet did not present it to the Australian Parliament and it was not forwarded to the King.

The history making event was held at the Northern Canberra Jewish Community Centre Chabad in Giralung. Speeches were made by Uncle Boydie, Abe Schwarz, the MC, Rabbi Shmuley Fedman, Prof James Haire from the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture and Barbara Miller. A DVD of William Cooper was shown and the petition was signed. Uncle Boydie was the first signatory on the Indigenous petition and Prof James Haire was the first signatory on the supporters petition with the Rabbi close after. Barbara Miller signed her book which was used for fundraising for Uncle Boydie to travel to London to present the petition personally to the Queen if an audience can be obtained.




The original petition was not sent in 1938 because Aboriginal people were not Australian citizens.  It was wonderful to be part of this effort.

You can read the entire article here.