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Innovative internationally-based socially-inclusive musical theatre/arts programme

Eleven Fingers provides children and young people, including those from underprivileged and socially isolated communities, the opportunity to actively participate in musical theatre, often for the very first time! These local communities are empowered and galvanised, brought together by participating in a process of developing “an event” – culminating in a Gala public performance – uplifting community spirit and social cohesion.

Eleven Fingers’ Musical Theatre is conducted by multi-award winning, Australian composer/pianist, Warren Wills, with 8 original operas and 23 musicals (13 for children) to his credit. This innovative programme has proven successful in communities of disengaged youth as diverse as multicultural Shepparton (rural Victoria), Hong Kong and UK’s Haringey (North London) – infamous for the 2011 riots.

The Australian programme was originally held in 2011 in Shepparton under the title ‘Shepp Shed’. It encouraged the sharing of individuals’ experiences with others, recognising that accepting difference in communities is a way towards social cohesion and community empowerment. Warren surprised all with a project Patron, Hollywood celebrity Pamela Anderson, who inspired participants via Skype hook-up!  Globally, since 2000, this programme has positively impacted over 10,000 young people!

The Eleven Fingers programme creates revealing performances of original, world-standard musical theatre. Participants work together on all facets of the production, guided by musical theatre and drama experts, aided by community volunteers. The process within the programme builds on social skills training, self-esteem building and education – including lateral and creative thinking via drama, dance and music performance. Difference dissolves. Outcomes include an increase in school-community involvement, youth auditioning for school productions, personal confidence and enhanced self-worth.
“A project like this is critical, as more and more kids are falling out of mainstream activities, education and employment. This is a great way of re-engaging with them.” Les Twentyman OAM.

Eleven Fingers invites you to join us to promote the value of each individual – that every person can make a difference in their community, irrespective of race, religion or physical ability … or musical skills!