Jewish Christian Muslim Association Presentation at Kolbe Catholic College

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Courtesy of Kolbe Catholic College:

Jewish Christian Muslim Association Presentation

On Monday 4 May, students in Years 8 to 11 were privileged to attend a presentation from the Jewish Christian Muslim Association here at the College. The purpose of the talk was to continue to enter into an inter-faith dialogue with members of different faiths and it was a fantastic opportunity for our students to ask the presenters about their faith and for them to understand the similarities and differences that make each religion unique. Students learned more about the Christian faith from Paul Randle, a young devoted Christian who has turned to God by becoming a minister of the Church. Taz Ziard spoke about her experience as a young Muslim woman in today’s society and how important her faith is to her, whilst Abe Schwarz spoke about his Jewish faith and its traditions and customs. The presentation was well received by students and staff alike and was a powerful statement of unity and solidarity amongst our three faiths.

I would like to thank Kolbe College for giving us the opportunity to spread our message of inter-faith dialogue to their students.